Hypnotherapy is a very safe method of healing that has a long documented history in medical and counselling circles. It has been successfully used for anxiety, stress and weight management, to stop smoking, to alleviate fears and phobias and for pain relief to name just a few.

Hypnotherapy is a method of contacting the subconscious mind which, research shows, determines 80-90% of our decisions and actions. So, if we do not make a decision consciously our subconscious mind will make it for us. And our subconscious mind likes staying with the “tried and true” solution even though that decision no longer provides the best path to the desired result. Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind to find healthier alternatives that support successful outcomes of the desired goals.

What to expect in your session

The session begins with an initial consultation. You are then guided into state of hypnosis which is similar to a daydream state where you are fully aware and focused. The state is relaxing to both the body and mind. It is in this state where new solutions are uncovered to achieve the desired outcome. Most issues require between 3-6 sessions depending on the situation to be addressed.

The first session including the assessment lasts about 1.5hrs with follow up sessions lasting about 1hr as required.

Conditions treated include:

Quit Smoking

Weight Management

Anxiety Issues

Stress Management

Sleep Disorders

Fears and Phobias

Pain Management



Price List

$150 initial session – 1.5 hours

$135 follow-up sessions – 1 hour

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